All About Me

Well, not ALL about me. That would go on for ever and you would all be sound asleep very quickly…

I have been  an illustrator and writer of children’s books for more nearly 20 years. Before that, I worked as a government scientist (not a mad scientist, a normal kind of scientist) and also for a cotton spinning company (we made threads for t-shirts and denim jeans and mops and teabag strings). But what I love is drawing pictures, so I feel very lucky to be doing it as a job. I also like staying in bed in the morning, and then staying in my pyjamas all day.

I have written 12 books, (just now, I’m working on number 13), and illustrated more than 80. My books have been published in the UK, the USA and have been translated into nearly 20 languages.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with a cat the size of a walrus.