A Garden of Lilies

It’s here at last! And it’s so pretty! a garden of lilies cover final

A Garden of Lilies was the discouraging book that Stella’s Aunts gave her to read in Wormwood Mire. And now you can be discouraged in exactly the same way that Stella was!

I will be at the Eltham Bookshop this Sunday (November 26) at 3pm to talk about the book. If you’re in Melbourne, why not come along? It’s $25, and you get a copy of the book, plus activities and biscuits!!

Ring the bookshop to book, on 9439 8700.



I’ve been busy, during the last few months, working hard on the sequel to Withering-by-sea. In the story, Stella has been sent away by her Aunt to stay with some cousins and their governess in a house in the country, in the middle of an overgrown garden. And there’s something lurking in the lake…

In the meantime, click here to see a trailer for the US edition of Withering-by-Sea, which is out in March 2016.